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One Year Anniversary! (Update)


Hey folks! Today marks the one year anniversary since I started posting The Experiments here, and I wanted to give some updates involving the series. I'm currently in the process of writing chapter 3, but no current date on when it will start being released here. I also released a trailer for The Experiments on Youtube while working on Chapter 2, feel free to check it out! ( I'd love to devote more time and energy into The Experiments, but I currently need to invest my time into my livelihood, but I also opened a Patreon for anyone who wants to offer any financial support for the series. Completely optional, it'll just act as a glorified tip jar ( Finally, if you're interested in more frequent updates about The Experiments, or just about myself, here's where you can keep up with the latest. ( I hope you all have been enjoying The Experiments. It's been an amazing experience as both a writer and an artist to put my all into something. In the past year alone, I've seen my growth skyrocket to try and meet my own expectations for the series, and it fills my heart every time I get to read a comment from a reader. Thank you all so much!