Howdy folks. SSP is a group of friends that banded together to make a place where we could share all the creative projects we make. We all have different approaches to stories, settings, characters, pacing, etc. But we are all passionate about making stories, sharing them, and helping each other improve at what we do. While we started as a comic-making group, we've grown to create a wide variety of media. We have a youtube channel with daily uploaded content, a game studio with original releases, a store where you're able to purchase original products crafted by us, and many other things! We're always trying to push ourselves, and our mediums, to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guys accept new SSP members?
Right now we're not accepting new members, sorry for those who are interested!
More than a business or alliance, we're a group of friends that decided to band together to work as a unit! Its unlikely that we'll approach someone that we're not already friendly with. We might at some point in the future be more open to the idea, but as of right now, we have no plans to invite new members.
I want more people to see my content, can I rent a spot for my series?
We're currently not open to offering this kind of service. However, every artist can post content they've collaborated in, like guest comics (provided they have the permission from the original content creator). So while you might occasionally see work from other creators, its never more than in this limited capacity.
Where can I make an account for the site?
Actually...this is something we're still working on. We could open up registration right now, but it'd be lame. So we're holding off on on this until we can think of some cool things we can do with it! We'll keep you posted!
Are you guys okay with fanart?
Dude, OF COURSE! Just make to link it to us, and we'll make sure to fave it like crazy!
I have AdBlock turned off on your site, but it still says AdBlock is on. What do I do?
There might be a few things that are causing the error. On Firefox, make sure that everything is up to date. If the problem still persists, please send us an email or a tweet and we'll get right on ADding something to patch up the problem!
I found en error!
Aw, crud. Well, no one's perfect, right? If you found a spelling mistake on one of the series, its probably easiest to contact the creator directly. if its something a bit bigger, send us an email, or tweet CountDraggula or SleeplessToto, please be nice to them, they do more work around here than anyone realizes.


Will there be any graphic content in your comics?
Depends on what you mean by graphic. Every artist is free to explore whatever they like on their stories, but we've all made an agreement to keep the content of the site at a maximum Pg-13-Teen. But we're slightly lenient. THe videos on SSP-plays can sometimes contain scenes or commentary that might border on "Mature", and some pages with violence are close to that edge as well. We try hard to self-regulate, but if you disagree with us on a rating, please remind us to think of the children.
Can I translate your comic into [language]?
That's something you better ask each of the artists individually, some artists are a little more protective of their content than others.
Can I share your comic on my favorite site?!
First, thanks for sharing our content! While you're free to share things like covers and promotional materials (we always announce when a new page/game/video is up), please refrain from re-posting our content on other sites. You can ask each artist for permission on something in particular, but we're taking a default "no-reposting" policy on SSP.


What is Game Night?
Game Night is our YouTube show, where we have the members of SSP chill while playing games. Basically a let’s play, just a little more casual. We update nearly daily, and talk a lot about our process, projects and well, everything. Check it out if you want to know us a lil better!
Will you be accepting any suggestions(from gamers) or submissions(from developers) for game playing on SSP Plays?
Yes! We're always asking for what games people want to see us play on the YOutube channel. But since we're limited to the games we own, there are some that we have to take a pass on. If you'd be interested in giving us a game to play, CONTACT US to give you the details of where you can.
Will [Artist] be appearing in Game Night?
Most of the people in SSP want to! There are a few that because of scheduling reasons, shyness or other reasons appear either a lot less, or may not appear at all. We all have lives to live out of SSP, so be considerate when asking for a specific skink.


Can I play your game for a let's play?
Sure! we'd love to see other people enjoying our games, just make sure to link us! That's something we'll want to fave like crazy!
I have a GREAT idea for a game, how about...
Let me stop you right there, we barely have enough time to work on our ideas. We're not planning on taking any game pitches
Are you guys planning on releasing X game on X platform?
We're pretty open about development practices here at SSP, if we've announced that we're doing certain platforms, we're doing them. If we're not, then its unlikely we'll change our minds. When developing games, there are a lot of technical and financial string tied to release in certain platforms. So while we'd love to see our games in every platform, we may simply lack the funding or time to release our games to all platforms.