About: Hello all, I'm spike. I'm an engineer that does comics on my spare time. I like mysteries, action and monsters. You'll see a lot of those on the stuff I make. So yeah, have fun and hope you enjoy my comics!

Comic Name Status Summary Total Chapters Total Pages Last Update
Closed Environment Complete Closed Environment is the story of puppy and his adventures while lost in the wilderness. He and his good friend fox are trying to find home, but during their travels they meet people who have very different ideas on what home is. This makes him question the very basic foundation of his quest. What IS a home? 0 178 December 20th, 2013
Team Spike Complete Featuring the world of Pokemon Mystery dungeon. We follow the adventures of Raleigh the Rhyhorn and Jean the Riolu as they become a rescue team in the increasingly dangerous Tao village. They will have to face gangs, Pokemon mafia, rival guilds and many other dangers in their quest to become a strong rescue team. 7 147 December 20th, 2013
Monster Story Ongoing Amelia, Blake and Jacob go about their daily lives when suddenly a procession of ghosts passes right through their town. Shortly after they meet an eccentric traveler obsessed with uncovering the mystery of the phantoms. 1 127 December 2nd, 2016